Emma’s Blog - 28 January 2013

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone had an awesome holiday over the new year.

I actually went back to Australia for the first time in a very long time, it
was great to see some close friends and spend some time at the beach and
swim in the surf! Very rejuvenating and revitalizing and it got me ready to come back and start a fresh new year with brand new music to show you guys.

Because we are perfectionists and don’t want to mess this up, we are taking
our time to make sure this is right.  We wrote over 70 songs and could
potentially release more of these than 12 for the album but the truth is, we
have a need for this to be perfect and just right… and sometimes it takes
a little more time for this to be the case.

Thank you for tweeting us and encouraging us everyday in our endeavor, it
means a lot to hear your support.

In saying all that, we cannot wait to release the album, and see all of you
on the road soon.

Keep tweeting and messaging, we will answer as much as we can and help keep
you guys up to date with what is going on.


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