Emma’s Weekly Blog - 15 February 2013

Subject: Emma’s weekly blog

Hey All!!

This week has been a social week for us, we said hi and saw some friends out
and about for Grammy week, lots of fun was had :)

Our UK friends in a band called “The Feud” are over here recording their
debut album and we also bumped into some fellow Australians, The Veronica’s
as well. Good peeps.

We have also been working up the new songs in acoustic form first to get all
the bits and pieces down for us to later translate it to electric, it’s been
great playing these new songs and watching them come to life. We’re pretty
excited to play them live hopefully at some point in the near future for you

As always, come talk to us on twitter & our World Crew forum and we will answer as many questions as we can!!

Until next time.




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